We look forward to your visit to the Von der Heydt Museum and wish you a pleasant stay in our museum. 

The house rules are binding for visitors as well as for all employees of the Von der Heydt-Museum. By entering the museum building, you accept our house rules as well as all other regulations made to maintain operational safety. 


Please ensure that you maintain a minimum distance of 50 cm from the artsworks. Touching exhibits is not permitted. 

In the event of damage to exhibits, the supervisory staff is entitled to record the personal details of the person causing the damage. 

Parents and guardians of groups of children and young people are responsible for their appropriate behavior. Running, romping and throwing toys are not permitted. 

No liquids or food may be brought into in the exhibition rooms. The consumption of these is also prohibited. Please use the first floor for the care of babies and small children. 

Smoking is prohibited throughout the building. 

Portable folding seats are available free of charge. You will find them on the first floor. Please return the stools there at the end of your visit. 


Photographing or filming for private use is permitted. Please observe the personal rights of visitors. The use of artificial light (flashlight, lamps, etc.) is not permitted. Commercial use of the photographic material is prohibited. The copyrights to the artworks are held by the respective artists and their legal successors. Normally they are asserted against third parties by VG Bild-Kunst Bonn. Any use beyond private use nevertheless also requires the express permission of the Von der Heydt-neverthelessMuseum. Telephone inquiries +49 202/563-2552.

Selfie sticks or tripods may not be carried. 

For special exhibitions, permission to take photographs is granted on a case-by-case basis. 

Out of consideration for other visitors: Please turn your phone on silent and make phone calls only in the entrance area. Please do not make phone calls in the exhibition. 


The museum area is under video surveillance for security reasons. 

During special exhibitions, there may be waiting times to get into the exhibition rooms if there is a high volume of visitors (does not apply to booked guided tours). 

For security reasons, stairways, escape routes and passageways must be kept clear. 

In the event of a theft alarm, the management is authorized to close all exits and carry out personal checks. 


The cloakroom is guarded and free of charge for our visitors. 

Bags and backpacks larger than A4, walking sticks, umbrellas, jackets and coats should be left in the cloakroom or in one of the lockers. Smaller bags and backpacks may be taken into the exhibition rooms if they are carried by hand. The storage of suitcases is only possible to a limited extent due to lack of space. 

For safety reasons, we ask that you do not wear clothing over your arm inside the exhibition rooms.