The Von der Heydt-Museum owes its existence primarily to civic commitment. Particularly noteworthy as donors and patrons are the Elberfeld banker August von der Heydt (1851-1929) and his son Eduard (1882-1964). Out of grateful solidarity, the museum has borne the name of the Von der Heydt family since 1961. The museum has access to funds from the Von der Heydt Foundation for the acquisition of works of art. 

Since 2003, the Brennscheidt Foundation has supported numerous exhibitions of the museum with a generous budget. 

The Renate and Eberhard Robke Foundation, established in 2005, contributes to the development of the collection of contemporary art in the Von der Heydt Museum with acquisitions for the Art and Museum Society. 

In addition, the museum has received a great deal of support in recent years from individuals, foundations and companies who have sponsored exhibitions, promoted acquisitions or donated works of art. In particular, the Jackstädt Foundation has made possible the realization of some of the museum’s outstanding exhibition projects. 

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With its important collection and its successful exhibitions, the Von der Heydt-Museum Wuppertal has earned a very good reputation in the international museum landscape. In view of the tight public finances, continuing this successful story in the future will only be possible with the support of companies and donors. They can give Wuppertal’s exhibition operations a longer-term perspective. For this reason, the Kunst- und Museumsverein is now offering corporate sponsor memberships.


Martin Erfurt, Erfurt & Sohn KG:

„Civic engagement is necessary in this city. The Von der Heydt- Museum has an important external impact; it brings people to Wuppertal. I also think it’s important to bring art closer to my employees.“ 

Sabine Schlösser, Wicke GmbH & Co KG:

The wonderful collection of the Von der Heydt Museum must be supported. It gives one a good feeling to be involved in it. The museum is a flagship for the city. We all benefit from it. I also think it’s good that the museum is now opening up for private events. 

Eberhard Robke, August Pohli GmbH & Co KG:

Our company has been supporting the museum for a long time. After all, as entrepreneurs, we benefit from the image of a city. It’s a pleasure to deal with art. For that to continue in the future, you have to make a lasting commitment.