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Support and patronage has been a tradition in Wuppertal for over 100 years. At the end of the 1920s, the Barmer Kunstverein owned one of the most important and respected collections of modern art in Germany. The Museum Society in Elberfeld, founded in 1892, strived to build a representative museum in cooperation with the city. In April 1948, the two associations merged to form the Kunst- und Museumsverein (KMV) Wuppertal. 

Like its predecessor associations, the association supports and promotes the development of its own collection in the Von der Heydt-Museum. Common goals of the museum and the association are the expansion of the art collection and the promotion of art. Over the years, the association has acquired important works of art that enrich the museum’s renowned collection as permanent loans. It supports the museum’s exhibitions. 


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